Enrico Jay-ar Corella, PMP, MBCS

Agility | Technology | Analytics | Project Management

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet."

H. Mintzberg

Leading with purpose

Project Leader with 13 years of varied industry experience in enabling, delivering, and leading teams to achieve business and project objectives, competent in traditional and agile management principles demonstrated by continued professional development and volunteering.

I aim to sustain a data-driven organization that can help me focus my energy and enthusiasm on developing, supporting, and enhancing project, operational, organizational, and business solutions that provide value to consumers and drive growth in revenue and capability to the company.

Passionate about global project management standards and best practices, leveraging current technologies, exploring emergent and next-generation innovations, and building data and analytics capabilities.

Professional Affiliations

Project Management Institute

The British Computer Society

Association for Computing Machinery

International Institute of Business Analysis

Saudi Council of Engineers

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Areas of Interest

digital transformation, strategy and management, projects, programs, portfolios, innovation, organizational agility, project management, product management, emerging technologies, business analysis, IT service management, data science, operations, research, data and web analytics